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Separator Cleaning & Maintenance Programs

Separator Cleaning
Separator Cleaning

Separator Maintenance: It is essential that separators are regularly maintained. You should not wait until the alarm (if equipped) is activated before a separator is serviced. Your system requires regular maintenance, calibration, and servicing by a team of competent technicians, to reduce the risk of a pollution incident.

To prevent pollution and minimize your costs, you need to manage your separator effectively. Every six months, or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, experienced personnel should:

  • Physically inspect the integrity of the separator and all mechanical parts.
  • Assess the depth of accumulated oil, sludge and silt.
  • Service all electrical equipment such as alarms and separator management systems.
  • Check the condition of any coalescing device, clean or replace as necessary.
  • Some heavily used or high-risk sites might require more frequent inspections.